The Frappe Community Portal is a project that aims to connect users who are looking for services with service providers who have skill and expertise in ERP and the Frappe Platform.


  1. Payments are not handled in this portal yet. This will come soon.

For Users

  1. Please be as clear as possible in stating your requirements.
  2. Please verify independantly if the Service Provider is capable of handling the requirements.
  3. We are not responsible for any dispute between you and the service provider.
  4. You are expected to pay the service provider directly via wire transfer or PayPal or similar.
  5. Please leave feedback for the service provider so that it will be useful for the entire community.

For Service Providers

  1. Please be honest in stating your background and capability.
  2. Please verify if the user is capable of paying your for the job. We are not doing payments yet.
  3. Ask the user to post feedback for your job, so that you can build your reputation.
  4. We are not responsible for any dispute between you and the user.

Reporting Issues

If you want to report any issues or flag a service provider / user, please email us at support@frappe.io or

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